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Ground control to Rugby League Union

Interesting article in SMH wth which I agree. Especially this part. Yet this bedrock of the game – the Sydney and Brisbane club competitions – the source of most of the players for the four state teams, and most of … Continue reading

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When will we ever learn?

Watching a doco about Gallipoli yesterday – was there anything else on? – several exerps from the famous diaries of CEW Bean were read extolling the virtues of the ANZACS. The producers failed to mention Bean “admitted that while the … Continue reading

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Nice one Mick.

My accreditation as an Austswim instructor is up for renewal. In order that I may have the privilege of paying an exorbitant sum to register, I am required complete at least 20 (unpaid) hours of teaching and renew my cardiopulmonary … Continue reading

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What business are they in?

You’d think that we’d have learnt something about land speculation over the last 200 years but in Rum Corps to white- shoe brigade by Jim Forbes and Peter Spearritt – thanks to Currency Lad for the link – the authors … Continue reading

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Myanmar or Burma?

Otto de Voogd is a Netherlander who has considered the ethical dilemma of traveling in Myanmar. It is impossible to travel to Myanmar without being confronted by the current travel boycott against the country. Specifically the Campaign for Human Rights … Continue reading

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How do they do this?

I never cease to be amazed at how, with only a few questions, the quizilla people seem to get it so right. Or perhaps they simply feed back what we want to hear. From Timbuktu to Tijuana, you know all … Continue reading

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A sad day….

I tried to post this on the most appropriate blog – our host at ubersportingpundit central – but couldn’t log in – so you’ll have to put up with me venting spleen here. Probably the best thing that’s happened to … Continue reading

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