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Peak Coal

I have a dim recollection that somewhere someone has done a set of graphs of the rapidly contracting time horizons of scientists’ and economists’ predictions of environmental and economic problems arising from climate change, biodiversity reduction, risk to food supply … Continue reading

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Tuesday plagiarism bashing

Under the wonderful post title “Copyright Infringement And A Medieval Apple Pie”, the blogger Jane Smith (not her real name, one would guess) has documented the history of an online copyright infringement. Hardly unusual, you would think, indeed the internet … Continue reading

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X marks the trust spot

Here is a story about the internet working the way tech utopians think it should. Technology is as good or as bad as the social conditions of which it is a part, but this is one of the good stories. … Continue reading

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Two kinds of digital people?

This post is what I would have written as a comment on Nicholas’s post Listen2Learners: 1 but it got a bit big. So is this post. The following lines of his post sparked my attention I impressed upon Peter the … Continue reading

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Win, lose or draw

Thank you Nicholas for a generous introduction, not to mention the gift of an opportunity to pontificate. And hello Troppodillarians. Formally.  Nicholas’s “formidably well read” comment in his intro was a bit OTT, replies to blog posts being an opportunity … Continue reading

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